Journeys involving air travel begins and ends at the airport. Such much activities take place at the airport including security clearance, immigration, boarding, and check-in. The clearance processes are not easy as people make very long queues. These are some of the tips that would help you in navigating your way when you are travelling by air.

Travelling mid-week

The greatest days to fly are Thursdays and Wednesdays. The major airports are not crowded in these days, and the flights are relatively cheaper. This will enable you to enjoy a hassle-free flying trip.

Knowing your airport

You are required to know more than one locationfeveqfe3qccfqexc of the airport. Is the airport busy or small? What are the food options available? You need to ask yourself some of these important questions. You do not have to arrive at the airport too early if it is not a busy one. Again you can consider taking your dinner elsewhere of there are just a few food options available. This means that you should do some research about the airport you intend to use.

Dressing simply

Avoid wearing strappy shoes or too much jewellery. The complicated shoes will make you waste a lot of time at the airport’s security checkpoint. Similarly, if you wear heavy clothing, you might be forced to remove them by the security personnel. You should keep your jackets or sweater in the bag and wear them once you are through with the screening process.

Arriving later, not later

Arriving later at the airport is better compared to arriving early. This means that you are going to arrive at the airport when most of the people are already screened and thus save a lot of time. Late arrival mat the airport will help you in avoiding the long queues. Besides your luggage will be placed towards the end of the plane meaning that your bag will be the first one to come out.

Use the airport toilet

Most people hate using the plane’s toilet. Make a point of using the airport’s toilet before boarding the plane.

Getting some work doneoihfdoehnjfoe

You can do some work while you are sitting as most of the airports have wifi connectivity. This will enable you to enjoy the flight more afterwards.


Meeting the immigration officer

Your documents including the passports should be kept handy. This helps in avoiding any unnecessary delays. Again you should answer all the questions that you are asked. You should also avoid being creepy.