Healing Benefits Of Spearmint Oil

Spearmint oil has the same aroma as peppermint. Its health benefits are mainly attributed to its potent properties such as antispasmodic, antiseptic, insecticide, restorative, emenagogue, cephalic, carminative and stimulant substance. This oil is extracted from the spearmint plant through the process of steam distillation.

Components of spearmint oil

Its main components include the following; Beatpinene, carvone, alpha pinene, menthol, myrcene, limonene, cineole and caryophyllene. The menthol content in this oil is negligible when it is compared to peppermint oil. Some people use spearmint oil as an alternative to peppermint as both possesses almost the same medicinal properties.

These are the medicinal properties and benefits of spearmint oil.


Spearmint oil is used as a powerful antiseptic for ulcers and wounds. It helps in protecting them from developing secondary infections and becoming septic. It also facilitates the healing process in wounds. Its antiseptic properties are attributed to the high levels of myrcene, menthol, and caryophyllene.


This oil has potent relaxing properties which help in inducing relaxation in your muscles and the intestines. This ensures that the gasses formed in the stomach and intestines are passed out naturally from your body thus providing relief from various health issues including insomnia, stomachaches, and headaches.


Spearmint oil has cooling and relaxing effect on your brain which helps in removing stress on the cognitive center. This makes people concentrate because the cephalic substance helps in curing stress, headaches as well as other neural problems.


This oil stimulates the production of important hormones in the body. It also stimulates the discharge of gastric juices, bile, and enzymes. It also plays a significant role in stimulating the functionality of the nerves and brain. This helps in improving the metabolic activity as well as boosting the immune system by stimulating the circulation of blood and removal of toxins.


This oil helps in dealing with prfddfbfwgrwgwgwswoblems related to menstruation including obstructed menses and irregular periods. Besides, it promotes the production of hormones which facilitates menstruation such as oestrogen. Regular consumption of spearmint oil helps in relieving the symptoms associated with sexual health and menstruation such as fatigue, pain, and nausea. Additionally, it also lowers the pain experienced in the abdominal region.


Spearmint essential oil possesses potent antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties which make it an effective disinfectant. It helps in getting rid of both external and internal infections. Additionally, it is very effective in protecting ulcers and internal wounds like those found in the food pipe, intestines and the stomach from infections.