Enhancing Lives With Whiteboard Walls

Whiteboard walls have replaced the traditional classroom blackboards. A white board wall can be created by use of whiteboard paint which is applied on any available surface intended for writing or by installing magnetic enamel whiteboard panels. The choice of your white board wall will be determined by the purpose for which you are buying it, the frequency of use, the number of people to be served and the space available for installation.

A look at whiteboard walls

Types of whiteboard walls

There are two main types of whiteboard walls;

The whiteboard paint walls

Whiteboard paint walls are more affordable and can be created easily with no prior experience or expertise knowledge needed. They are created by applying whiteboard paint on a given surface to five it a smooth, glossy finish.dgfdgfdgdgdfgfdgfdg

The paneled magnetic enamel whiteboards

The paneled magnetic enamel whiteboards are more expensive, but they are highly durable and are recommended for heavy use. They are most suitable for learning institutions such Universities, Colleges and Schools.

How to enhance lives with Whiteboard walls


Whiteboard walls can be put at the most strategic points where users are most comfortable to use. They can be installed in meeting rooms, classrooms and lecture halls.


They can fit large pictorial and graphical representations because they come in various desired sizes. Therefore users are at liberty to do their pictorial and graphical presentations without having squeezed their work. There is clarity in displays, and this helps learners to capture what is being taught easily.

Fosters creativity and innovations

A team can now share ideas more effectively, and new ideas on improvement of various managerial processes can be born during the brainstorming sessions. Since every member in a meeting can participate, hence well-informed, sound and unanimous decisions are reached.

Facilitate planning

Individuals, as well as teams, are able to share in the planning processes and reminders can be written where they are easily spotted

Better teaching and learning experience

Teaching and learning have been taken to a new level. There is enough space that enables the user to move freely as they teach or as the lead in presentations. The writings and drawings can easily be erased, and the same surface is rewritten countless times.

Promotes team spirit

There is cohesiveness during team activities because full participation is necessitated


Ease of cleaning

Cleaning is done using dry paint erasers, then spraying with a furniture polish and wiping with a paper towel to give the surface the perfect glossy finish.


Whiteboard walls are available in several online stores at amazing offers. They come in different sizes to suit your needs. Simply place your order today and get yours while stocks. Shipping to your destinations is done at no extra cost.